Single Slam – Hurricane by While She Sleeps (You Are We)

Just a short while ago the inspiring Sheffield born metal band While She Sleeps debuted a new track called Hurricane on BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show.

Sleeps have always been a band who play for the fans, treating them as an extended member of the group and the fans love them for it, so much so that when the band announced they were going independent and would be running a Pledge Music campaign to get new music out, their target was smashed with ease in just a few short weeks. The first bit of new music from the guys came in the form of the brilliant Civil Isolation which we reviewed at the time. It was everything we have come to expect from While She Sleeps. It was heavy, relevant, intelligent and jam packed full of great vocals, riffs and beats.


Hurricane is another solid piece of music from a band who are on an exceptional run of form. Starting with a very softly sung section, which has their typically beautiful harmonising going on, though I must admit to thinking how unlike them it was. It’s a short but very, very soft and radio friendly section but the song soon kicks in to the riffs and rhythms we are so familiar with. When Loz jumps in with his passionate and aggressive shouts, the clean beginning is quickly forgotten. The pace he screams at adds a real fury to the early stages of the track. Couple that with the blistering drum beat, the wonderfully placed backing vocals and the bouncing riff and you will find yourself quickly lost in this track.

The chorus is also everything you want from a track. The lyrics are meaningful and it is instantly memorable. Lines like “It will take a Hurricane, to clean up all the mess we made” are not only very catchy but they also represent thoughts most of can fit into our lives T some point. The chorus also has a neat guitar line running along its spine to add just another sprinkle of brilliance. The song continues with shifts in tone and tempo, a wickedly heavy breakdown followed by a small slow down, though not sung quite as cleanly as the intro, before we get that chorus again. Another bass heavy breakdown follows and then back to the chorus through to the end of the song which comes with a blast distortion and feedback.


So there you have it, Hurricane is another great track, though I’m still not overly fond of the intro, but that is a minor complaint when the rest of the song is so bloody good. Like I expect anything else from While She Sleeps though as one of the most dependable bands in metal continue to be completely dependable. They are a band that are growing in strength and ability at a phenomenal pace and also, I hope, in size and whatever level of success they measure themselves on. They deserve it all.

Hurricane is the second track released from the new album which we now know is going to be called You Are We. That album is due for release on the 21st of April next year. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out. Why not head over to their Pledge campaign and pre order the album or purchase any of the amazing items on sale there.

Check the band out on Facebook or Twitter for more information on them and the new album including details on an upcoming U.K. tour.


Remember, support your metal or risk losing it!


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Hurricane by While She Sleeps (You Are We)
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