EP Review: Wardomized – Forced To Eat From The Apple Tree (Self Released)

Hailing from Northern Ireland, death metal/grindcore band Wardomized will release their new EP, Forced to Eat From the Apple Tree on November 30th 2017.

Wardomized 1

Four songs, Twelve minutes…Wardomized have little time to spill your guts but quickly grab the sharpest knives & get slicing away. Suicide Death Rock is a visceral & vile sounding piece of grindcore that reaches down & grabs you hard between the legs. You will pay attention or lose something important to you. It’s utterly chaotic but so appealing at the same time.

It’s a bit of a surprise when Blue, White and Black Flowers begins with a slow bass & drums rhythm. When the tempo does increase it’s to deliver disgusted groans before the high-pitched vocals of J’aime Rachelle contrast the guttural style in such a fascinating way. This track shows such a huge amount of imagination.

The ferocity Of Wardomized death metal/grindcore makes an impressive return with the bludgeoning heaviness of Brainrot. Simpiy put, this is a song seemingly designed to ‘fuck everything up’.

A genuinely brilliant & fresh sounding effort comes to a close with a more traditional grindcore effort. Short & intensely to the point, The Ultimate Demise stands out because of the absolutely brilliant changes in style & direction.

Wow. Just wow.

Wardomized 2

Wardomized – Forced to Eat From the Apple Tree Full Track Listing:

1. Suicide Death Rock
2. Blue, White and Black Flowers
3. Brainrot
4. The Ultimate Demise

You can order the album now over on Bandcamp. Find out more about the band as well as keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page! You can also check out some of their videos on YouTube.

Wardomized - Forced To Eat From The Apple Tree (Self Released)
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