EP Review: War Gods of the Deep – Robots, Rockets & Rampage (Self Released)

Out now, Robots, Rockets & Rampage is the new EP from Chicago based hard rock/metal band War Gods of the Deep.

War Gods 1

Robots, Rockets & Rampage begins with the fist-pumping Vasnetsov, the brain-wobblingly deep & heavy beat drenched in hard rock Metallica inspired riffs & solos. Of one of only three tracks on this EP it gets things off to a great start before Mortal Cage runs away with the baton.

There is no reinvention here within the hard rocking metal riffs but thanks to exciting rhythm & groove it gets the body moving. Adding an upbeat vibe & an absolutely storming solo to the mix ensures a damn satisfying listen.

The post Metallica black album vibe really comes out during the final track, This Evil. A song that pays tribute to the sound of Reload but stands on its own feet thanks to the gutsy groove-layered guitar work.

A definite band to keep an eye on, War Gods of the Deep’s brand of classic hard rock/metal is exciting & fun to listen too. A recommendation for those not looking for something too complicated.

War Gods 2

War Gods of the Deep – Robots, Rockets & Rampage Full Track Listing:

1. Vasnetsov
2. Mortal Cage
3. This Evil

You can pick up the EP over on Bandcamp, Amazon, Spotify & via Apple Music below. Find out much more over on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & via their website.

War Gods of the Deep - Robots, Rockets & Rampage (Self Released)
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