Special Feature – The Serial Killer Newsletter (Midnight Gore)

The Serial Killer Newsletter is a fresh idea on delivering a little slice of horror right to your door (inbox) via a newsletter. Styled like a newspaper, The Serial Killer Newsletter delivers continuing storyies of horror and murder from the perspective of the perpetrators.

Imagine an “underground” newspaper where the editors and authors are those that committed the crimes. They write in and describe and justify their killings for the entertainment of their readers. The reader gets to follow these killers as they recount their experiences.

The Serial Killer Newsletter is driven by a website where you enter your email address to subscribe. Let’s get that done first – so click here to subscribe. Once subscribed you will now receive them directly into your inbox. Issue 1 is out now and deals with two short stories. One from a killer called Evan Lee and one from Dan Carr. I should point out that all stories and killers are fictional.

The first story is called the Bottle Cap Killer and deals with a disturbed young man called Evan and the fun he has dealing with new visitors to the small town he lives in. Evan hangs out at the local gas station, waits for them to come and then takes great pleasure in creatively hurting and torturing them. All of this is described in sickening detail for us readers.Serial Killer Newsletter

The second story is called The Gene Killer and deals with a medical/science professional who develops a poison that attacks the genes of select people. Dan is a troubled young man who struggles to deal with conflict and aggression. He deals with it by removing the people that are likely to cause this conflict. Again, the story is magnificently gory in it’s detailing and a nice change on the first with a protagonist you can almost feel for.

So with the first newsletter complete, we wait patiently for the second and the short stories it will contain. There may be new killers, we may also get continuing story arcs from ones we have always met. That will be decided by their popularity with readers.

The Serial Killer Newsletter is brought to us from the mind of Mark Wright. Mark kindly took some time out of his busy schedule to speak with us –

Tell us a little about Midnight Gore? Who are you?

Midnight Gore is a twitter page that I started to have fun with and to pass the time. I know a lot about horror films and decided it would be fun to play around with the genre. I have met a lot of cool people on twitter while running the page. Some friends help take care of the twitter page here and there but I took care of most of it, myself.
My name is Mark Wright and I have worked in the film industry from showing films to running dailies to consulting to directing, producing and so on. I am taking a break from films right now and still love to write stories even though they are not film scripts.

Serial Killer Newsletter

Where did the inspiration for The Serial Killer Newsletter come from?

I love to write and have always been told I was good at writing dark subject matter. I also like to write comedy, but I was already doing Midnight Gore and knew I had a large horror loving demographic and friends so I decided that Serial Killers would be a great basis for the stories to entertain people. Serial Killers can be intriguing psychologically, but at the same time, throwing the shock in to get someone’s attention with the blood and gore. Serial Killers also can be a never ending idea pit to grab from.

Have you always had an interest in horror, serial killers and the macabre?

Am I that way in real life of course not but I do find some things fascinating that do occur outside of the norm. I have a mind that feels not useful unless I am constantly creating ideas, characters, stories, and so. Sometimes the norm can be very boring seeing. Creativeness can be entertained by things that are more original.

With issue 1 out now, how has it been received?

It started off slowly. I expected that’s what would happen, but it has started picking up and I have received some great comments from people, which always helps, and It does get viewers/subscribers just about every day. I have not received any hate mail which I am keeping my fingers crossed that I want lol.

How often will there be a new issue?

That is a good question! Right now I am looking at once every two or three weeks but not sure yet, It is still up in the air since it is the first issue.

Serial Killer Newsletter

How many writers are there? Will you be inviting guest writers to take part?

Right now I am the only writer but have had a few offers from writers wanting to help with the content. Once the simple structure of TSKN has been made the expected structure I am sure there will be other writers brought in to offer their skills. I love to help people show their talents because there are such great artists even in writing that are not seen by others.

You say popularity will decide on whether or not a killer reappears. How will that be measured?

Right now, some readers have commented to me which killer(s) they would like to see more stories. I am thinking about basing it on voting poles on midnight gore later on but comments right now will help hold a killers return.

The stories are fictional but naturally will sometimes take inspiration from real life, as all things do. What real life Serial Killer story would you most love to feature?

Keeping the stories fictional I am not sure I would want to try and base one off of a real serial killer on purpose. Here is a real life inspiration from how I created the Bottle Cap Killer. About a week before I wrote the story for Evan Lee the Bottle Cap Killer I had bad joint pains in my knees.  I mean BAD. I told my wife it feels like someone is taking a screw driver and putting it under my knee cap and lifting it up. Of course, it grossed her out so I took the idea and scribbled it down thinking that would make a great story some how. Now if my knees hurt any I tell her Evan Lee is in my knees and that gets a laugh.

Serial Killer Newsletter

What can sites like us, and readers, do to support you and other writers out there?

Number one thanks for wanting to write an article about TSKN. That will hopefully get some more subscribers and readers for TSKN, and I hope it gives you some useful content. Anytime anyone hears a story they like a mention would help for any author. I will be bringing new authors on to help probably sooner than later. Any support or mentions would be great and like wise. I and future we greatly appreciate it.

GBHBL would like to thank Mark for taking the time to chat with us. I am very excited to see how The Serial Killer Newsletter continues and grows. I strongly recommend you get subscribed now – here is that link again. Also check out Midnight Gore on Twitter and be sure to hit that follow button.

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