EP Review: Waiting 4 April – Photo Memory (Self Released)

Waiting 4 April is an American/South African post hardcore band made up of frontman/guitarist Colton Ray and drummer Jesse Meising. Formed in December 2020, the duo will release their debut EP ‘Photo Memory’ on July 1st, 2022.

With heart and soul, Waiting 4 April make a splash with the animated melodies and eccentric, electrifying post-hardcore infusions that make up the opener Dead Inside and the following Currents. Slowly but surely ramping up the intensity and keeping the passion, front and centre.

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Speaking of which, Waiting 4 April up their heavy game with the brash sound of If Only You Knew. The vocals, already so impressive, reach a new level of strength here. Before the explosivity of Answers and the earnest emotion of Loud + Clear shores up the foundations of Waiting 4 Aprils lovable and diverse sound.

This striking EP then wraps up with two more electrifying listens in the form of the title track and Love Is. The former; a catchy and melodically moving tune. The latter; a relaxed and soft track that oozes emotion. A really sweet closer to a memorable debut EP.

Waiting 4 April – Photo Memory Full Track Listing:

1. Dead Inside
2. Currents
3. If Only You Knew
4. Answers
5. Loud + Clear
6. Photo Memory
7. Love Is


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Waiting 4 April - Photo Memory (Self Released)
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