EP Review: Vulgore – Bliss (Self Released)

Releasing their long awaited debut record entitled ‘Bliss’, Vulgore are a melodic death metal band with groove elements. The five-piece band are on the rise and attendees at this year’s Blooodstock have the opportunity to catch them play.

That’s to come though, right now it’s all about Bliss.

Vulgore 4

Initially sounding like nothing particularly special, Vulgore roar with fury to introduce Spread the Disease. It’s not until the clean vocals make their way in that it really perks up. What sounded run of the mill has life blown into it.

Delivering crushing heaviness alongside these moments of vocal clarity kicks some serious ass but the highlight is a thrash-based tempo increase that erupts into an absolutely mental breakdown. This is going to slay live. An awesome start.

Showing just how heavy they can be, Bathe in the Fading Light rips & tears out of hell and once again the cleaner singing takes it up an extra level. One of two tracks that go over the 7-minute mark, it feels like half that time. As does the following track, Progression. An epic track that exudes power, lets the vocals absolutely soar & delivers an ear-splitting guitar solo. Arguably the best of the 5 tracks.

I love this EP and would be satisfied already but thankfully, Vulgore have way more in the tank.

The title track’s moody vibe and dirty guitar sound makes its short stay (by the EPs standards) worthwhile. The gutteral and vomitous shout of “bliss” that comes at the end is the cherry on the cake. Finally, Structure goes for a simpler approach with crushing death metal rhythm, savagery in the vocals and an excellent ‘shout-a-long’ of the track title.

It’s always a pleasure to see, not just bands but good bands, ermerging from the UK and Vulgore are a thrilling addition. This EP is a hell of a debut.

“Ignorance is bliss and it’s easier”

Vulgore 5

Vulgore – Bliss Full Track Listing:

1. Spread the Disease
2. Bathe in the Fading Light
3. Progression
4. Bliss
5. Structure

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You can pick up/listen to Bliss via Amazon above as well as through Spotify, Deezer and via Apple Music below. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page!

Vulgore - Bliss (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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