EP Review: Vingulmork – Avgrunn (Crime Records)

Norwegians Vingulmork light it up with a brand new, aggressive blackened metal onslaught!

“Avgrunn” is an uncompromising 4 song EP that takes the band’s signature of contrasting brutality, speed and melody to a new level. After the great reception of their 2015 debut “Chiaroscuro”, the band decided to crank it up a notch and write even heavier, faster and aggressive songs for the next release. “Avgrunn” will be available on all streaming platforms, CD Digipack and a limited run of 10-inch vinyl on June 1st 2019 via Crime Records.

Vingulmork 2

Delivering a musical atrocities while keeping one foot firmly rooted in the darkness of black metal, Ytterst’s velocity and sadism is what draws us in. The guitars cry with ascendancy. The drums sound out a death beat and the vocals wail with horror. As heavy as it is, it’s not exclusively black metal as a great guitar solo shows.

Eternally Swallow, Eternally Keep and Land of Nothing give us much more of the same but in such a satisfying way. The former’s pace impresses. While the latter is far bleaker with some killer riffing.

An excellent EP wraps up with Døderlein, the brutality of Vingulmork’s sound coming to fruition and leaving all spent but satisfied.

Vingulmork 1

Vingulmork – Avgrunn Full Track Listing:

1. Ytterst
2. Eternally Swallow, Eternally Keep
3. Land of Nothing
4. Døderlein

The EP can be ordered via Crime Records here and more information found via Vingulmork’s Facebook Page.

Vingulmork - Avgrunn (Crime Records)
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