EP Review: Vanitas – Vanitas (Self Released)

Vanitas are a progressive metal band from Birmingham, UK. Coining the term ‘Cinematic Djent’, the 5-piece have released their self-released debut EP.

Providing an eerie and chilling backdrop, the melody that begins Ghostly Coast certainly gets the attention but it’s the eruption of progressive and technical metal that follows most will remember. The guitars are buzzing, the drums are hammering and the vocals are soaring, it’s a grandiose opener that shows exactly what Vanitas mean by ‘cinematic djent’. A track to remember and a clear statement from this band.

That being said, don’t be put off by the ‘dejent’ tag, it’s not the be all and end all of Vanitas and they show this as the EP goes on. Following the epic Ghostly Coast, Vanitas bring a combination of chunky and choppy heaviness and uplifting airiness on the smile-inducing Breaking Illusions. Before a bit more body-shaking groove, melody and ripping guitar tones show up on the excellent Carry On.

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A memorable debut EP, one to give Vanitas a seat at the table, then wraps up with the self-titled track. Where Vanitas confirm their innate ability to go big while still sounding meaty and intense. The detail requires focus but the chorus is so grand, it can just be admired for being so infectious.

Vanitas – Vanitas Full Track Listing:

1. Ghostly Coast
2. Breaking Illusions
3. Carry On
4. Vanitas


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Vanitas - Vanitas (Self Released)
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