EP Review: Ungraven – Language of Longing (Black Bow Records)

Jon Davis of legendary doom band Conan will unveil the debut EP from his solo project Ungraven on March 1st 2019. Language of Longing will be available on digital and CD formats via Black Bow Records.

Ungraven bolt foul and orc-ish Norwegian black metal spite to the majestic rusted frame of nineties Midlands post-hardcore industrial brutality: a wheezing iron hulk of aggro-infused pessimism that aims to blast your ungrateful head clean off your shoulders.

Ungraven 2

Jon commented: “I am a huge fan of Fudge Tunnel, Ministry, Godflesh, Sepultura and Nailbomb. I fell in love with ‘For All Those Who Died’ by Bathory on Headbangers Ball and also the ‘Speed Kills’ comp. Since then I have referenced these bands in some of Conan’s material. With Ungraven I pay homage to the industrial sounds emanating from Birmingham in the 90s with a few other influences that I’ve been obsessing over for a while. It’s super heavy but sightly different from what I have done so far.”

Blackened Gates of Eternity is force and fire pushing hard with industrial fuzziness and black metal at its twisted core. A heaving mass of noise, it’s punishment for the ears yet a cathartic experience thanks to the shouted vocals coming from afar. It’s a hell of an introduction to Ungraven’s new EP, one that really grabs your attention making you hunger for what will follow.

The appetite is momentarily satisfied as Impale Lore rings out with loud guitars and the same blasted fuzzy edge to everything but the vocals.

Aggro Master follows that with a hellish blast of heaviness, the drums signalling the sound of imminent destruction. Barely able to contain itself. It’s kept together by the vocals that have reached desperate levels of longing.

The penultimate track, Onwards She Rides to A Certain Death then shows off some interesting and addictive guitar rhythm. It dares to take a less wild approach and delivers an impressive showcase of filthy sounding industrial metal.

All before Targetted goes all out to leave you laying, battered and bruised. Over 11 minutes long the deep hum of the bass is almost too much for the mind to take. This last track is a mammoth undertaking by the band and they meet it coming the other way with all the force they have. The length is a problem though as the beat gets pretty repetitive for a good few minutes.

An impressive effort none the less.

Ungraven 1

Ungraven – Language of Longing Full Track Listing:

1. Blackened Gates of Eternity
2. Impale Lore
3. Aggro Master
4. Onwards She Rides to A Certain Death
5. Targetted



The EP can be ordered via Bandcamp. While more info can be found at Ungraven’s website and Facebook Page.

Ungraven - Language of Longing (Black Bow Records)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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