Album Review: Attila – Villain (Attila Music LLC)

Metalcore band Attila have released their latest album, Villain. The 7th studio album for the controversial metallers. Controversial because of their often sexist and abusive lyrics, there’s a constant negative vibe surrounding the band but for all their posturing the music rarely stacks up. You can read our review of their last album, Chaos here.

Attila 2

So what are the chances of Attila growing up and not acting like faux-bad boys calling women bitches and screaming the the word ‘fuck’ regardless of context?

What do you think?!

Attila really don’t care what you think of them. That much is clear and that’s fine. Good for them but this far into their career it’s simply staggering that they’re still producing such run of the mill metalcore. If they want to write such genius lyrics as found on Still About It:

I love when you’re on your knees
Dick you down, it’s what you need
Pussy wet, you’re such a tease
You love when I fuck, fuck, fuck you

Then we will happily point out how utterly stupid they are as a band. Rubbish lyrics aside though, Attila’s brand of hyper aggressive metalcore is so bland and uninteresting that I had to check to see that I hadn’t accidentally put one of their earlier releases on instead.

It’s a bad album by a bad band however in a surprising moment they actually show off something resembling good musicianship with the track Subhuman. Out of the ten tracks on this record, this is the one that shows off something a little different. A broody style of rapping that leads to a chorus that is almost catchy with some decent riffs and solo.

It’s nice to actually kind of enjoy an Attila track even if it’s short-lived. Their childish bad boy attitude and lyrics are never far away. It seems like it would be more effort then it’s worth to be going through life constantly looking for a reason to fight. Maybe less of the calling woman bitches and demanding they suck your dick would help?

Maybe this is your thing. The stompy stompy style of metalcore will certainly appeal to some. More power to you, I’d love to know why though.

Attila don’t care what I think. They don’t care what you think. So I think it’s high time we all stopped caring what Attila think. It’s not like they’re giving us any particular reason to bother anyway.

Attila 1

Attila – Villain Full Track Listing:

1. Perdition
2. Villain
3. Blackout
4. New Addiction
5. Still About Me
6. Toxic
7. It Is What It Is
8. Subhuman
9. Manipulate
10. Bad Habits

Attila - Villain (Attila Music LLC)
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