EP Review: Thera Roya – Masterful Universe (Self Released)

On September 8th 2017, Thera Roya will release their new EP, Masterful Universe.

Thera 1

Two tracks of fuzzy psychedelic doom, Static Transmission’s meaty one-riff mixed with the alien-like effects & scratchy vocals makes for a fascinating listen. It’s a track designed to unsettle as it stutters to a jarring halt with haunting melodies & disconcerting vocal screams.

The second track is quite a bit different, instead adding a nice groove element amongst some uniquely used samples. The booming riffing matches up perfectly with the slamming beat of the drums especially when it picks up pace.

If you’re new to Thera Roya then you could do a lot worse then starting here as both tracks showcase a lot of talent but leave plenty of mystery as to what a full album could hold.

Thera 2

Thera Roya – Masterful Universe Full Track Listing:

1. Static Transmission
2. Confused Population

Head over to Bandcamp to pick up some of Thera Roya’s music now & while you’re at it give them a like over on Facebook.


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Thera Roya - Masterful Universe (Self Released)
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