EP Review: The Vomiting Dinosaurs – Exoplanets (Grimoire Records)

Richmond VA’s The Vomiting Dinosaurs are back with a bite-sized EP titled ‘Exoplanets,’ featuring the same “punk-infused thrashy death” and militant anti-Christian attitude their previous releases were known for.

Exoplanets was released on Januray 6th 2017 via Grimoire Records & you can pick up the EP here.

The Vomiting Dinosaurs is a surprisingly apt name as the music on display here on Exoplanets is dripping in bile from a sub-genre of metal that seems to be on the wan as of late. Short sharp blasts of aggressive grinding punk-infused death metal, it’s a style that isn’t exactly known for its innovation & with The Vomiting Dinosaurs you’re getting exactly what you’d expect.

9 songs, 16 minutes long…Exoplanets is over before you’ve really had a chance to digest it. It’s far too easy to just dismiss the EP as nothing more then another ‘guttural sounding death metal record’ but you’d be making a mistake & missing out on some quality music.

The Vomiting Dinosaurs play at a slightly slower pace then others in this sub-genre of metal resulting in more clarity in the music. It’s a welcome difference but don’t let that fool you into believing this is anything but a seriously heavy piece of work.

Ice Giant, Iron (Fe) & Lava Planet (the best song on the EP) are all songs with way more musical merit then the bog-standard grindcore/death metal that is often churned out.

There’s a real edge to Exoplanets, an edge that is very appealing to fans of the more extreme side of metal. The Vomiting Dinosaurs have something to say & you really better be listening.

Overall Track Listing:

1. Earth
2. Circumbinary
3. Desert
4. Ice Giant
5. Ganymede
6. Iron (Fe)
7. Waterworld
8. Lava Planet
9. Jupiter

We’d like to thank The Vomiting Dinosaurs & FullBlast! PR for providing us with a copy of the EP for this review. You can find out more about the band through their Facebook page, on Bandcamp where you can pick up their earlier work & on YouTube.


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The Vomiting Dinosaurs - Exoplanets (Grimoire Records)
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