EP Review: Wasted Death – The Prequel To Evil (APF Records)

APF Records bring us The Prequel to Evil EP, the latest missive from Wasted Death. The EP was released with no fanfare on 27th March 2023, initially on Bandcamp only.

In the past (the Ugly as Hell EP and Ugly as Hell II: Uglier Than Hell EP), we described Wasted Death as:

Grinding metal mashing the brain matter into mush with punk snarl to make you feel like you’ve literally been chewed up and spat out. Savage stuff.

A couple of years later and their back and just as abrasive. The Prequel to Evil is a three-track slice of Wasted Death nasty. Albeit, one that shows a bit more development and refinement. Though, be under no false pretentions, the opener of Shock Kollar delivers punky savagery and metal intensity as only they are capable of. It’s a heart-racing beast of an opener and serves as reminder of just how enjoyable this kind of noise can be.



It’s with Sceptic Tank that Wasted Death really start to flex their musical muscles. A track that is made up of frenzied speed, dark tones, and twisted heaviness. It’s got the Wasted Death makeup but feels different to anything they’ve done before. Which also applies to 0.0% Fun, a track with some serious groove to it. It might be the shortest track of the three but it’s more than capable of standing alongside the others as another slice of Wasted Death quality.

Which is exactly what The Prequel to Evil is. Another example of Wasted Death’s garish and grim sound, but one that shows the group are moving forward too.

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Wasted Death – The Prequel to Evil Track Listing:

1. Shock Kollar
2. Sceptic Tank
3. 0.0% Fun


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Wasted Death - The Prequel To Evil (APF Records)
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