EP Review: The Scabby Ghouls – The Scabby Ghouls (Out-O-Tune Records)

Horror and punk have a long history together, right back to when Glenn Danzig twisted his hair and daubed make-up to make a racket with the Misfits. Continuing this tradition into the modern era are Omaha’s singular ‘spooky punk’ outfit The Scabby Ghouls, whose self-titled debut is a speedy seven track slab out March 15th 2019 via Out-O-Tune Records.

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It’s amazing that we’ve not had more bands with The Misfits as their clear influence. Sure, there are plenty who might mark the horror-punk legends as having some effect on them but there are few who seem to take that tongue in-cheek punk approach in the way The Scabby Ghouls does.

Described by fans as “Scooby-Doo Punk” or “Haunted House Punk”, this band celebrates all things creepy, spooky and bizarre all year-round.

It’s a little bit silly, it’s a little bit ‘spooky’ but it’s a whole lot of fun as Body Surfin’ brings some attitude and punchy punk-rock rhythm. The tongue-cheek chorus of the title track then tells you everything you could ever need to know about this band. Catchy and quite a bit cheesy.

Zombies then get the attention with Midwest Zombies although they fail to sink the teeth in before Black Dahlia Bombshell delivers a dark and horror heavy punk tune. Exactly what we get with the track about the iconic horror villain of the Nightmare on Elm Street series. It’s probably the track with the least oomph’ especially as it’s followed by the high-tempo double of Road Ragin’ and Knife Fight.

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The Scabby Ghouls – The Scabby Ghouls Full Track Listing:

1. Body Surfin’
2. The Scabby Ghouls
3. Midwest Zombies
4. Black Dahlia Bombshell
5. Dreddy Kruger
6. Road Ragin’
7. Knife Fight



The EP can be ordered via Bandcamp here while tracks can be streamed via Soundcloud and YouTube. Find out more by checking out The Scabby Ghouls Facebook Page and Instagram.

The Scabby Ghouls - The Scabby Ghouls (Out-O-Tune Records)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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