EP Review: The Howling Tides – The Howling Tides (WDFD Records)

The Howling Tides are a hard rock band hailing from the midlands in the UK. They have played hundreds of shows, released 2 EP’s and racked up rave reviews and significant radio airplay. On June 29th 2018 they return with their new self-titled EP via WDFD Records.

Howling Tides 2

With swagger, The Howling Tides get things rocking and rolling with Cheap Painkiller. Catchy vocals, deep riffs and a well-played guitar solo get things started in the right way before the dirty sounding groove of Death by Exile and He Told Me really showcases the rock and roll talents of The Howling Tides.

The upbeat nature of the EP keeps things ticking along nicely and the energy is kept high. It’s not going to set the world alight but if you’re after a bit of rock groove to shake your hips too you can’t go wrong with Crack My Soul and Running Blind. Both tracks giving you that extra pep in your step.

Howling Tides 1

The Howling Tides – The Howling Tides Full Track Listing:

1. Cheap Painkiller
2. Death By Exile
3. He Told Me
4. Crack My Soul
5. Running Blind

The EP will be out on all major platforms and in the meantime you can keep up to date with news by liking The Howling Tides Facebook Page and following them on Twitter. You can also check out their released videos on YouTube.

The Howling Tides - The Howling Tides (WDFD Records)
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