EP Review: Tether. – Mirror Work (Self Released)

London post-hardcore newcomers Tether. will release their debut EP ‘Mirror Work’ on June 21st, 2024.

The UK post-hardcore scene is pretty strong already, but with Tether. entering the fray, it’s about to get a whole lot stronger. The five-piece are an excitable bunch, more than capable of delivering fire and fury, but in an anthemic and pit-starting style. The proof is this EP, which features six exciting examples of what they can bring to the scene.

Sounding a bit punky in places, having a bit more groove than expected, and bringing the heavy, it’s Hollywood Trauma. The bar is set early on, but Tether. have more than enough bangers to surpass it.

There’s the ballsy frenzy that is Straight to Me, a track to get the blood pumping strongly in the veins and features one of the gnarliest breakdowns heard this year. There’s Meet Me Where the Sun Touches the Sea, a track with some of their most violent sounds so far, even with a bit more clean singing and melody. Then there’s Obey the Circle, a real modern post-hardcore slam party anthem if there ever was one.

It really is an EP that gets better and better as it goes on, so much so, that the end sneaks up and Tether. leave you wanting so much more. First though, it’s Break Your Tether and This Way or the High Way. With the former seeing Tether. delivering a ‘shout-along’ that is delightfully catchy, and the latter seeing Tether. go a bit wild, guaranteeing some bruises when they play this live and the pit goes off.

Tether. have officially arrived and the future is already looking blindly bright based off this EP.

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Tether. – Mirror Work Track Listing:

1. Hollywood Trauma
2. Straight With Me
3. Meet Me Where The Sun Touches The Sea
4. Obey the Circle
5. Break Your Tether
6. This Way or the High Way


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Tether. - Mirror Work (Self Released)
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