EP Review: Terminal Sun – Metamorph (Self Released)

The 13th of August 2021 wasn’t just the day extreme metal band Terminal Sun played the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Open Air. It was also the day they chose to release their brand-new EP, Metamorph.

One of many bands I wished I had been able to see at Bloodstock, Terminal Sun are a dangerously exciting bunch. This EP showcases that with a handful of tracks beginning with the retro sci-fi effects of Intro – A Debt to the Truth.



AZ-5 is where things really get going though as the five-piece noise-mongers tell the story of the Chernobyl nuclear incident. Told through the medium of crunchy riffing, head-smashing drums, chuggy bass lines and spitting vocals. The danger is running through this track like a thick vein and Terminal Sun portray dread, horror and fear expertly while also delivering a bout of head-banging fury.

As good as that track is, what makes this EP truly special is the final track, the title track. Inspired by John Carpenter’s The Thing and imagined from the perspective of the alien being. How freaking cool is that!?

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A horror-infused tone throughout, one laced with sinister feelings. Slow, dirty, doomy, frenetic and chaotic… this is a track that just keeps on giving. It’s no surprise that it is over 10 minutes in length, as Terminal Sun have many a transformation to get through.


Terminal Sun – Metamorph Full Track Listing:

1. Intro – A Debt to the Truth
2. AZ-5
3. Metamorph


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Terminal Sun - Metamorph (Self Released)
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