EP Review: Lotan – Angelus Pestis (UPRISING! Records)

Lotan (Leviathan) – The seven-headed dragon and the origin of chaos who began a war against the cosmic order and gods. Lotan is a raw melodic black metal band from Denmark. Formed by Phillip Kaaber (Vanir) and Martin Rubini (Vanir), and joined by live members; Lasse Guldbæk (Abscission, Vanir), Christian haystack (Fall of Pantheon), and Jon Schmidt (Northfall).

Lotan released their critically acclaimed EP “Nihil Sacrum” in January 2021 and are now getting ready for yet another fierce release, entitled “Angelus Pestis”. It will be released on September 3rd, 2021 via UPRISING! Records.

Meaty melodic death metal tinged with black and covered with a thick layer of aggression, Lotan deliver a blistering assault of noise with their new EP. Erupting in eye-watering and deafening style on the opener Interitus.

Take a breath, Invita Lucifer is a much more twisted and evil sounding number. The melody (in particular, the piano part) really enhances the power of this track. Though don’t be surprised to find it filled with plenty of noisy aggression too.

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B43-MOAB carpet bombs the mind with chunky riffing, furious vocals and pounding percussion for just a few seconds short of 4 minutes. Before in the Shadow of a Falling Star comes crashing down with end-times impact. Followed then by the spectacular and dangerous sounds of Lion and Snakes.

Hell, the whole EP is spectacular. Everything you would want from hostile, melodic metal and then some.

Lotan – Angelus Pestis Full Track Listing:

1. Interitus
2. Invita Lucifer
3. B43-MOAB
4. In the Shadow of a Falling Star
5. Lion and Snakes


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Lotan - Angelus Pestis (UPRISING! Records)
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