EP Review: Tankengine – Tankengine (Cruel Nature Records)

Tankengine are a brutalist art-rock superpower trio playing music from Newcastle. They are Adam, Ivan and Ross. Their self-titled EP is out on May 17th 2019 by Cruel Nature Records.

Tankengine 2

This isn’t an easy EP to get along with. On the one hand, it has some really deep and scarring fuzz noise but the vocals don’t quite hit it for me. Over-powering a lot of the time, burying what is some intriguing guitars and percussion. Far more prevalent on the so-so start of Serious.

Things do take an up-turn though with the wilder sound of Appraisal, showing a bit more fire and really taking the guitars down low and dirty. Then we get Breakfast, the best track on the EP with a much more energetic and dare we say, catchy rhythm even if it is messy.

The not so enjoyable vocals come back for Pedro but the track is saved by sharper guitar hooks and a certain amount of hip-shaking groove.

Finally we have Work, A flat finish saved by a fantastic bit of guitar at the latter part of the end.

Tankengine 1

Tankengine – Tankengine Full Track Listing:

1. Serious
2. Appraisal
3. Breakfast
4. Pedro
5. Work



The EP can be ordered on Bandcamp and more information found via Tankengine’s Facebook Page.

Tankengine - Tankengine (Cruel Nature Records)
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