EP Review: Stonemule – Dystopian State (Polderrecords)

Stonemule started in 2014 in Koksijde (Belgium), playing mainly a mixture of hardcore and punk. After a line-up change they started writing new songs with a whole new twist. Using the power of three singers, they mix hardcore, sludge, post, metal, and stoner into a whole new sound! Their debut EP ‘Dystopian State’ is out on February 24th 2018 via Polderrecords.

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For those looking for something a little different, Stonemule might be right up your street. When you hear that they have three singers, you can’t help but presume that Dystopian State is going to be a messy affair with each trying to get their piece in. So it’s a nice surprise that the EP really isn’t. Each one having a unique style to offer instead.

A gruff & rough voice blends well with a cleaner one while the guitars knock out sludgy riffs in the first half of Away. An increase in pace leads to a rocking beat that is thrillingly heavy on the bass.

A great start, Stonemule continue the foot-tapping rhythm with All Will Be Gone. Here they bring even catchier riffs, amazing vocal contrasts & blasts of heaviness that drift between stoner & post-metal well.

Cult of Ignorance changes things up a bit, with a really deep sludgy sound to begin with before upping the tempo slightly & letting rip with the more aggressive side of the vocals. When joined by the others, it takes on a hardcore heavy edge to great results. The shouted vocals & the bleaker tone makes this the standout track of the album.

Three songs, three very unique ideas. Dystopian State has pretty much confirmed itself as leading the pack for EP of the year. Any doubts will be long gone by time Last Rites opening guitar melody switches gear & brings an absolutely rip-roaring level of rhythmic heavy rock. The guitars are on fire here & the drumming is simply divine.

Utterly brilliant, the cherry on the cake coming in the form of the stoner-metal heaviness of the finale, Recipe for Agony. Delivering a mist-filled intro that ups the groove until you’re whole body is vibrating in tune.



It might be only 5 tracks long but what an amazing 5 tracks they are.

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Stonemule – Dystopian State Full Track Listing:

1. Away
2. All Will Be Gone
3. Cult of Ignorance
4. Last Rites
5. Recipe for Agony

You can pick up the single, Recipe for Agony on Bandcamp. Find out more about Stonemule & keep up to date with news via Facebook.


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Stonemule - Dystopian State (Polderrecords)
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