EP Review: Solemnity – Through Endless Darkness (Self Released)

Solemnity is a melodic death metal band, created in 2016 by Amit Luther and Dan Benton. Both creators bring their interests and experience to create a sound that’s sonically diverse.

Together with Dan Dean on bass, Solemnity offers ‘Through Endless Darkness’, a 25 minute EP which combines the majesty and dynamics of orchestral music with the crushing weight and ferocity of metal. Out on June 5th 2020.

It’s a very grand start with Invierno, the symphonic sound expanding upwards until the guitars and drums take over. What we then get is a thumping showcase of melodic heaviness. Encouraging and exciting, even without the vocals. Which make their guttural appearance on the following Pray for the Light. Here, the rhythmic beat of the drums, engrossing riffs and high-powered symphonic touches makes for a classy listen.

A morose melody bursts into life for a hell of an animated listen with So It Ends. Another slice of quality modern melodic death metal. Further proof that Solemnity understand how to meld symphonic elements with metal that has some serious bite. Not something you see loads of from UK bands!

The killer ride doesn’t stop there as Prelude To… cleverly builds anticipation for the finale of Our Demise. A little bit of a fairytale-like melody, a showcase of guitar skill and chunky bit of groove is the perfect welcome to a final strong effort. One that has all the head-banging qualities you could want, served up by a band who are certainly an exciting prospect.

Solemnity – Through Endless Darkness Full Track Listing:

1. Invierno
2. Pray for the Light
3. So It Ends
4. Prelude To…
5. Our Demise




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Solemnity - Through Endless Darkness (Self Released)
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