Album Review: Gorlvsh – New City Vibes (No List Records/Ancient Temple Recordings)

Crashing out of Montreal, Canada, comes the latest in new city groove in the form of Gorlvsh. This power trio hails themselves as Montreal’s sickest Guitar-less Band.

They combine technical madness with gutter punk sensibilities to bring a bizarre, mathy, metallic hardcore-esque punk sound with inspiration from Death From Above and Lightning Bolt. This bass/drum/banshee trio works hard on their music together with Nick (bass) starting with a bag of riffs, Noah (drums) adding complexity and then Isaac (vocals) writes lyrics about whatever inspires him that day and the result is unique, sludgy, metallic hardcore that can only be Gorlvsh.

They will release their first full length album “New City Vibe” on June 5th 2020 via No List Records and Ancient Temple Recordings for cassette version.

The term ‘bull in a china shop’ comes to mind when listening to Gorlvsh’s debut, New City Vibe but truth be told it’s more like several bulls. Several pissed off and horny bulls. Chaotic enough for you?

A figurative hoof to the head, Gorlvsh’s hardcore noise is unrelenting and remorseless. The trio burn with such fire that the lack of guitar really isn’t that noticeable. The bass filling in the blanks, combined with intense drumming and blood-curdling vocals, it’s all kinds of excessive noise.

With varying tempos, drawn out percussion, desperate and throat shredding roars, New City Vibe is the epitome of a modern hardcore record. Gorlvsh delivering on their promise of punk-sensibilities and metal ruthlessness.

Gorlvsh – New City Vibe Full Track Listing:

1. Don’t Miss the Shot
2. New City Vibe
3. Wait for Me
4. Sheppard One is Down
5. Wolves Against Wolves
6. I Don’t Want to Survive
7. Wake
8. 007
9. Too Many Will Try


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Gorlvsh - New City Vibes (No List Records/Ancient Temple Recordings)
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