EP Review: Samskaras – Lithification (Self Released)

Lithification is the upcoming four-song EP from Montreal progressive death metal duo Samskaras which is set for release on Friday, October 26th 2018.

Samskaras is multi-instrumentalist and vocalist (Unburnt, ex-Derelict) Eric Burnet and renowned drummer Alexandre Dupras known for his skilled drumming in bands such as Teramobil, Unhuman, and formerly in (the) Plasma Rifle. Samskaras – Lithification is the follow up to the band’s critically praised four-song effort, Asunder.

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The two piece known as Samskaras have no issue making a hell of a racket on Lithification. It might only be four tracks long but the determination of the duo to make an impact is admirable especially in the difficult sub-genre of progressive death metal. Simply put, the bands at the top of the list have a stranglehold on it. It’s tough for newer bands to really make headway as it’s hard to really offer much in the way of variation.

Samskaras suffer from that problem too but it’s nowhere as bland or uninteresting. In fact, the band go out of their way to make their progressive style more listenable and enjoyable. Each track is fuelled by angry and effective death metal. The vocals and percussion delivering the hammer blows while the guitars twist and turn with dark energy.

They even have the odd surprise or two. As Warriors drops into at a slower pace, melody driven tune with whispers before it erupts into horrifying vocals. Following that with a thumping beat, Alignment is brutally heavy and filled with no nonsense riffs.

There is no concern that Lithification will end on a whimper and it doesn’t. À Deux Mains is a frantic and furious piece of music. The drums are like thunder claps and the guitars are like bolts of lightening all while the raging storm of the vocals swirl around.

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Samskaras – Lithification Full Track Listing:

1. Reconciliation
2. As Warriors
3. Alignment
4. À Deux Mains

Lithification will be available via Samskaras’ Bandcamp. You can find out more and keep up to date with news by liking Samskaras’ Facebook Page and following them on Twitter.

Samskaras - Lithification (Self Released)
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