Horror Movie Review: Exposure (2018)

Super-low budget (estimated at $20,000), Exposure sees a struggling couple head out to a reclusive cabin in the mountains to try and work through their problems. Myra (Carmen Anello) and James (Owen Lawless) still love each other but issues in the past keep rearing their ugly head.

The hope is that time away from busy lives will help them reconnect. However, there is an evil on this land. Land that once belonged to James grandparents.

It’s not long before this evil begins to have an effect on James, twisting his mind and transforming him into a monster. Will Myra be able to save him and herself?

Exposure gets a hell of a lot right. The story takes a little while to get going but when it does, it’s pretty interesting and culminates in a hefty slice of excitement. Then there are the performances of Anello and Lawless. The former is excellent in her role, believable and capable. The latter does intensity well but sometimes comes across a little silly. Even though he is clearly throwing his all into it.

Exposure 4

The combination of a good story and good acting certainly keeps things focused even when nothing seems to really be happening. During those times the impressive score and clever cinematography also work to hold the attention. The former really does deserve praise as it fits the eerie and serene location perfectly.

What isn’t so great are some of the effects. Early on it gives off an Amityville vibe but it’s actually a monster movie and those visuals are hit and miss. The practical makeup stands out compared to the CGI that looks cheap and reminds you that you’re watching a really low-budget horror.

Exposure 2

To be honest, it’s a minor complaint in a horror movie that is both effective and more then watchable. The ‘cabin in the woods, things go wrong’ plot has been done to death but Exposure knows how to use its short time to craft something memorable.

  • 7/10
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