EP Review: Sailing Before The Wind – Immemorial (Self Released)

Tokyo based metalcore outfit Sailing Before The Wind’s upcoming EP, Immemorial, is the follow-up to the 2 previous single releases Cross the Ocean and Break the Silence. This EP featured mostly re-recording of previous songs, except two new songs Decaders and Misguided Sunrise. The EP will be released on the 20th August 2021.

The EP Immemorial also features a guest appearance by Lucas Spencer from Feed The Addiction on the track Misguided Sunrise.

Bassist Bitoku shares about the EP:

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to rerecord old materials for our 10 year anniversary. All members who are originals and current are related to this release. It’s like an all-out battle. We re-recorded the songs with the aim of creating the ideal metalcore with the same feeling we had back then 2011. Heavy riffs, melodic lead guitars, and solid breakdowns. That’s all we need.

The rhythmic build of Decaders is really exciting stuff and when it erupts, it does so in chunky and groovy metalcore style. A short opener, it gets things started in the right way and tells you all you need to know about what is going to follow. Clue: it’s going to heavy, animated and energetic.

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Sail Away, Cross the Ocean and Break the Silence are the bombs though. The melodic guitar harmonies, the smashing of drums and brutalising vocal roars. Bursts of sharp and technical sounding riffing, jagged groove and a constant smash-mouth heaviness. A trio of unadulterated head-bangers that showcase the best of what modern metalcore can be.

The finale, misguided Sunrise features Lucas Spencer from Feed the Addiction, adding his sizable talents to an already strong closer. A welcome celebration of Sailing before the Wind’s 10 years.

Sailing before the Wind – Immemorial Full Track Listing:

1. Decaders
2. Sail Away
3. Cross the Ocean
4. Break the Silence
5. Misguided Sunrise


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Sailing Before The Wind - Immemorial (Self Released)
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