Album Review: Sun of the Suns – TILT (Scarlet Records)

Sun of the Suns’ identity is suggested by their moniker itself: a cosmic order vitally inked to a fundamental polestar that is “innovation” – and every element of the band’s sound revolves around it and is destined to evolve continuously.

TILT is the debut album from Sun of the Suns and will be released on August 20th, 2021 via Scarlet Records.

Purveyors of extreme but aiming to revolutionise, Sun of the Suns bring forth buzz-saw riffing, chunky percussion and guttural vocal savagery wrapped up in a meaty, technical-sounding effort in their debut, TILT.

A 10-track slab of noise that slams down upon the brain matter over and over again, until it’s little more than mush. This one hurts, but through gritted teeth and many, many concussions, the smile will spread across the face. Especially if extreme heaviness with brutal breakdowns and a constant instrumental battering is the sort of thing you normally enjoy.

Be a glutton for punishment as Sun of the Suns have plenty to dish out here. Highlights include the mugging that I Demiurge Pt. 2 (Pt. 1 is a melodic intro) delivers. The way in which the title track can sound both chaotic and ordered at the same time, taking things to the most thrilling levels of heaviness while still having an impressive amount of discernible rhythm. The 2 minute ‘intermission’ of To Decay, To Revive; where cold melody gives a chance to take a deep, sucking breath. Or the absolute blistering noise of Flesh State Drive, which also features the album’s wildest and most impressive bit of guitar soloing.

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Innovation in extreme is no easy task and there’s an argument to be had that Sun of the Suns aren’t pushing the boundaries too much. That being said, it is a stonkingly good release, one that is interesting from beginning to end while consistently staying savage.

Sun of the Suns – TILT Full Track Listing:

1. I Demiurge Pt.1
2. I Demiurge Pt.2
3. The Golden Cage
5. Obsolescence Corrupted
6. To Decay, To Revive
7. Flesh State Drive
8. Hacking The Sterile System
9. Of Hybridization And Decline
10. I Emperor Of Nothingness


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Sun of the Suns - TILT (Scarlet Records)
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