EP Review: Saarkoth – Follow the Cult (Self Released)

Saarkoth’s second release, Follow the Cult, is an EP which was written between January and February 2020 and features a single 17 and a half minute song that sees them branching away from the musical style set in Jera to pursue a darker and heavier sound, lead by acoustic guitars and a rawer production.

Well…what a lovely surprise this is.

After being very quiet since the release of their excellent debut album ‘Jera’ late 2018, rising UK atmospheric black metal band, Saarkoth have dropped a brand new EP out of the blue.

Called ‘Follow the Cult’, we have here a near 18-minute listen. 18 minutes that fly by in a blur of roguish riffing, bleak heaviness and a surprising lack of atmospheric noise. This is raw. Like a fresh graze rubbed with sandpaper, having more in common with the demo in regardless to production.

While that might sound like a negative, it isn’t as Saarkoth’s sound is very much drawn from the well of old school black metal and Follow the Cult delivers on that ever so well. After a slow build, it’s only around the half way mark that the duo take their foot off the gas ever so briefly. Allowing the melody to breathe just a little bit. It’s here that vocally, it begins to really sound more familiar while also making the most of what the guitars can do.

Those expecting huge and wandering atmospheric passages dripping in naturist vibes might find themselves a little disappointed though. Follow the Cult is a much more traditional black metal offering but a grand one none the less.

Saarkoth – Follow the Cult Full Track Listing:

1. Follow the Cult




Saarkoth - Follow the Cult (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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