Demo Review: Saarkoth – Demo 2017 (Self Released)

Black metal in the U.K. isn’t something we get a lot of. Whereas the underground scene is overflowing with the likes of thrash, death. It’s much harder to get noticed if you’re playing black metal.

Thankfully though there are bands flying the flag for black metal in the UK. The likes of The Infernal Sea, Fen & now Saarkoth.

Saarkoth 1


The Lichfield based band released a two track demo on July 31st 2017. It is one of the most exciting things I’ve heard this year. With 2 tracks Saarkoth create despair, hopelessness & beauty. All through their stunning use of melody. They do more than most black metal bands can manage in a full album.

Beginning things in a traditional black metal way but far less raw. Awake in Eternal Sleep is a flurry of dark riffs, gorgeous drumming & twisted vocals. The first few minutes are heavy but very well structured & then it drops into atmospheric melody. What was a great song becomes one of the finest tracks heard this year. Words can’t describe just how emotionally draining, how thought-provoking the soft guitar melody is & even when it begins to pick back up in aggression it still retains that beauty.

That this is then followed by the equally impressive Beyond the Horizon is gob-smacking. With even more ferociousness in the riffs & vocals it once again excels with sublime melody that drips a dark & cold atmosphere. The soft crooning in the background that suddenly raises in volume & devilishness is unlike anything that has come out this year. The drumming that leads the heaviness back in is so impressive.

It is genuinely devastating that it’s only two tracks long. I need more from Saarkoth, we need more from Saarkoth, black metal needs more from Saarkoth. Simply put, if this is what we can expect from a future full release then we’re looking at the next ‘big thing’.

Saarkoth 2

Saarkoth – Demo 2017 Full Track Listing:

1. Awake in Eternal Sleep
2. Beyond the Horizon

Head over to Bandcamp & buy the demo then pop over to Facebook & like their page to keep up to date with news!

Saarkoth - Demo 2017 (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 10/10
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