EP Review: Rise To The Sky – A Cold Embrace From Life (Self Released)

Rise to the Sky is the solo project of Chilean musician Sergio G who has wasted no time this year and is back already with follow up the critically acclaimed October LP “Death Will Not Keep Us Apart”. The heart of this new EP, “A Cold Embrace From Life” is an atmospheric death doom experience that trudges through the emotions of grief and a stinging lack of closure.

Sergio says of the EP:

Occasionally, there are moments when life crushes you, and leaves you longing to change things, dreams of improving the past. But the past is gone, so you let in that harsh coldness, that cold embrace from life.

An epic and sub-zero doom EP, A Cold Embrace from Life is a crushing listen but not just because of the heavy doom aspect. No, because it is littered with profound and poignant melodies that add so much emotional value to each of the four tracks.

There isn’t a moment on this EP that won’t leave some mark in some way or another. Even if all you’re interested in is some enormous, bludgeoning doom metal. Relax, there’s plenty of unbelievably heavy noise to enjoy here. Though to talk about it without constantly commenting on the downbeat and nomadic melodies is pretty much impossible.

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It’s the aspect of the music that can’t be ignored but… this is the most important thing… why would you want to? What makes this EP so thrilling, so rich and detailed, is this side of the music. It is supposed to be a cold and introspective release, one where the icy chill can be felt deep within the bones. This is nailed with veritable ease, while also being undeniably focused on delivering a doomy slab of meat for all to feast upon.

Rise to the Sky – A Cold Embrace from Life Full Track Listing:

1. A Cold Embrace from Life
2. Darkness Arrives
3. I’ll Meet You When I’m Gone
4. Help Me Understand




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Rise To The Sky - A Cold Embrace From Life (Self Released)
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