EP Review: Rat King – Santa Hipocresía (Within The Mind Records)

Seattle Death/Grind vermin Rat King return with a new EP ‘Santa Hipocresía’ (translation: Holy Hypocrisy) on Within The Mind Records! Out on December 10th, 2021.

Face melting stuff: Rat King get in, cause a ton of chaos and get the hell out. Kicking off with the grimace-inducing title track. Where Rat King come screaming out of the sewers, claws and teeth at the ready and eyes burning bright with the fires of hell. It’s blistering bedlam that appeals to those who like their extreme metal to sound this way. Although, Rat King aren’t against switching the tempo up to move from grind to a more traditional death metal bite.



That same chunky instrumentation is fully present on Maldición Del Alma but the speedy shift is what stands out here. Before False Prophet goes fully grind with an 80-second blast and Morboso takes the death-infused filth down to limb-sucking levels. Don’t be surprised to find yourself gasping for air at this stage.

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Santa Hipocresía is an obscene EP of noise. It’s hard not to love it. Wrapped up with Killing Art. One last bloody and painful assault.

Rat King – Santa Hipocresía Full Track Listing:

1. Santa Hipocresía
2. Maldición Del Alma
3. False Prophet
4. Morboso
5. Killing Art


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Rat King - Santa Hipocresía (Within The Mind Records)
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