EP Review: QU!ET – Normal (Self Released)

Alt-rock band QU!ET will release their brand-new EP, Normal on April 29th, 2022. QU!ET combines each of their unique musical perspectives to craft their sound, and share lead vocal duties to express themselves personally.

We’re a little familiar with QU!ET’s style of rock, having checked out and written about the previously released single, There’s No Escape. A track we thoroughly enjoyed saying that it was a great combination of heartfelt melody, alternative rockiness and with a sing-along chorus. Happily that track does feature on this EP, but before we get to that, we have some bangers to talk about first.

Beginning with the groovy and danceable Setbacks, a track that has power and poise but has these stirring shifts that might make you laugh out loud with joy. Then it’s time for something really special with the punky energy and uber-catchiness of Freak Show. The afore-mentioned sharing of vocals, making this one obviously different to what came before, but still based in QU!ET’s exciting brand of alt-rock.

The Same Page is one of the more mellow offerings, the piano melody prominent and a saxophone solo being an eclectic high point. Whereas Just Go Alone sees QU!ET shift the vocals again and deliver a bassy bout of catchy rock.

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The aforementioned single, There’s No Escape is the penultimate track and is still a high point for QU!ET. However, they follow that with the thrilling and emotive finale of Where We Are. The band delving a little into post territory and delivering some really powerful lyrics and melodies.

Varied, interesting, exciting and touching, QU!ET have got a banger of an EP on their hands here.

QU!ET – Normal Full Track Listing:

1. Setbacks
2. Freak Show
3. The Same Page
4. Just Go Alone
5. There’s No Escape
6. Where We Are


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QU!ET – Normal (Self Released)
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