EP Review: Sugar Spine – Mirror Talk (Self Released)

Born out of the creative captivity of quarantine and self-isolation during the pandemic, Sydney based metalcore project Sugar Spine isn’t as sweet as it sounds. Their debut EP ‘Mirror Talk’ will be released on April 22nd, 2022.

Whatever your expectations are for Sugar Spine’s sound, dismiss them now as they’re sure to be completely wrong.

Sugar Spine deliver a debut EP that combines emotionally focused rage with modern metalcore elements, in-your-face ruthlessness, and old-school nu-flavours. It’s a fresh concoction that will knock a lot of people on their asses once they hit play. Hell, the opener of Gutter Paint will do that alone and you’re going to love it.

Then along comes 83 to kick you while you’re down. The unbelievable passion exuded here and the stompy groove is just great, but watch out for the melodic drop and build back in. Followed then by the title track, a song that begins with isolated, and heartfelt vocals that has a pop-singer style to them. Don’t panic though, as with a roar Sugar Spine ‘heavy’ shit up and this track becomes a spitting and snarling beast.

Black Stag and Crusader keep the intensity at an eye-watering high, before Sensation smashes and crashes with complete abandonment in what might be the fastest and wildest track on the EP.

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How do you follow all of this? By bringing in Nick Rossi of the excellent Born of Osiris to help make Pen or Sword a moody, dark and crushing blast of epic sounding metal.

One of, if not the best EPs you will hear all year.

Sugar Spine – Mirror Talk Full Track Listing:

1. Gutter Paint
2. 83
3. Mirror Talk
4. Black Stag
5. Crusader
6. Sensation
7. Pen or Sword (Feat. Nick Rossi from Born of Osiris)


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Sugar Spine - Mirror Talk (Self Released)
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