EP Review: Plague Called Humanity – Disconnection (Self Released)

Released in January 2017, Disconnection is the debut release from Czech Republic EBM/Industrial/Cyber Punk band, Plague Against Humanity.

Disconnection 1

While the EP might be 10 tracks long, 5 of them are remixes of the first 5 songs. Opening with the dark electronic beat of Plague, it’s an instant soul-searching piece of music that really intrigues about what is about to follow.

Doomed Generation club-like beat isn’t initially exciting but once the vocals & the meat of the song kicks in it, it really becomes quite an outstanding slice of industrial metal. The harshness of the vocals fit so well with the electronica, creating a track that is as heavy as it is catchy!

There are shades of everything here…a little bit of Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM, Fear Factory, Ministry & Rammstein!

There’s so much imagination present on this EP. The Truth’s relentless drum beat pace, the echoing effects & amazing blasts of guitar rhythm. All that alongside black metal-style vocals makes this an EP you must check out. Especially in a sub-genre that doesn’t have a whole host of new & interesting bands about.

Listeners concerned that they aren’t getting enough ‘’metal’ for their buck should just listen to the title track, Disconnection to put their mind at ease. A simply amazing blend of deep, groove heavy riffs with flashes of upbeat electronica. It’s arguably the best Industrial/EBM song this year.

Disconnection 2

Plague Called Humanity – Disconnection Full Track Listing:

1. Plague
2. Doomed Generation
3. Mrtvy Svět
4. The Truth
5. Disconnection
6. Doomed Generation (DOLLS OF PAIN Perverse mixXx)
7. Mrtvy svět (Anarchy and Chaos Remix by Qx-Rh85)
8. The Truth (remix by Jerk In The Can and Doug Fury)
9. Disconnection (Lost connection remix by ESA )
10. Disconection (BloodPact roulette)

You can pick up the EP now via Bandcamp & make sure you give the band a like over on Facebook!


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Plague Called Humanity - Disconnection (Self Released)
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