EP Review: Novacrow – Criminal Mastermind (Self Released)

Liverpool’s own Novacrow have unveiled their brand new EP, ‘Criminal Mastermind’ that is set for release on the 16th November 2018. Criminal Mastermind will be the band’s second EP, following Black Syrup, which, along with their wildly frenetic live shows gained the band a growing following throughout the UK and further afield.

Speaking of the new EP ‘Criminal Mastermind’, the band comments:

“We’ve had a blast since the release of Black Syrup, everyone’s reaction to our unique flavour was amazing! But now it’s time to move forward and unveil the music we’ve been working on, 5 diverse tracks of pure Novacrow goodness. Criminal Mastermind is a deliciously dark journey where we’ve incorporated elements of grunge, metal and hard rock. We can’t wait to see the reaction from fans old and new!”

Novacrow 2

A mix of eclectic styles, Novacrow deliver an electric set of songs on this EP. Starting with a little leaning towards grunge on Fever Swamp and ending with the dream-like rockiness of Are You Happy?

The series of distinctive storylines, from a werewolf-infested village in Fever Swamp to a ridiculous failed bank heist in Criminal Mastermind makes for a more interesting listen with the former giving off a gothic vibe.

There’s a slickness to Novacrow’s sound and each track is a foot-tapper in their own right. The title track in particular has so much rocking groove about it. Exciting and fun. It’s over far too quickly but certainly leave an impression here. A band worth keeping a close eye on.

Novacrow 3

Novacrow – Criminal Mastermind Full Track Listing:

1 – Fever Swamp
2 – Laughing Gas
3 – Criminal Mastermind
4 – Lab Rat
5 – Are You Happy?

Head over to Novacrow’s website to find out more and order the EP. Support them on social media by liking their Facebook Page, following them on Instagram and on Twitter. Finally head over to their YouTube channel to watch videos!

Novacrow - Criminal Mastermind (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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