EP Review: Necropsy – Exitus (Xtreem Music)

Harking all the way back to 1987, Necropsy had a prolific few early years before going on indefinite hiatus in 1994. It wasn’t until 2008 that the it returned to life with the debut album, Bloodwork coming out in July 2011.

Re-releases of their early demos, a mini-album and their second full length release came in short order. By 2017 the band even started venturing outside their native Finland to play shows. Now, on the 21st of January 2020, Necropsy will release a brand new EP entitled ‘Exitus’ via Xtreem Music.

Slowing the beat down from their more traditional death metal sound, Necropsy have gone for a more doom sound on Exitus. The darker side of doom, one tinged with death and decay but doom none the less.

Four tracks of rotting noise, where heaviness crawls over everything like maggots and flies on a festering corpse. The guitars are the pungent smell of dead flesh, the vocals are the gargle of liquefying organs and the drum beat, the snapping of bone as wild animals dig in deeply.

Four tracks of increasing intensity that leaves little to the imagination. Necropsy are making as much noise as possible at a slower and lower tempo then long-term fans may be used too. There’s not shortage of doomy death bands but one with such a pedigree shouldn’t be overlooked. Whatever the future holds for Necropsy, Exitus is a modern release that isn’t going to be forgotten anytime soon.

Necropsy – Exitus Full Track Listing:

1. Meat Ceremony
2. Fucking Dead
3. 206 Motives
4. Butcherado



Necropsy - Exitus (Xtreem Music)
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