EP Review: Nameless Void – Nameless Void (Grey Matter Productions/Xenoglossy Productions)

In the visual arts, there are times when what the artist chooses to include and what’s been left out are of nearly equal importance. It’s an element commonly referred to as negative space, and one can see evidence of it in numerous ways, ranging from typographical choices to the placement of images to the creation of optical illusions through figure-ground reversal.

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As far as music goes, negative space most often takes the form of silence – the space between the notes, or when certain instruments drop out for several measures at a time. However, in the music of mysterious black metal duo Nameless Void, negative space takes on a very different meaning.

They themselves describe their music as “black metal but also drone, industrial, and noise.”

Their self titled debut EP will be available on May 31st on limited edition cassette from Grey Matter Productions in the US (25 copies) and Xenoglossy Productions in the EU (25 copies).

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The band’s own description is apt. In that the vast coldness that erupts from Where Stars Forever Die has all the horror elements of the darker side of metal. The disconnected howls of the vocals mixed with uncomfortable effects and a dangerous threatening drone. Ir’s got a lot of the ‘dungeon’ style about it but feels wider and larger then that. This isn’t darkened corridors of nightmarish sights but rather the cold vacuum of nothingness stretching to infinity.

After such a lengthy consistency of harshness, Black Wormhole follows that. With grumbling noise that stays at one low volume for over 6 minutes. It’s surprisingly effective and builds a lot of anticipation for The Flash. Which begins with echoing synth that slowly grips its tendrils around the mind, turning the darkness blood red but a showcase of black metal as only Nameless Void can do.

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Nameless Void – Nameless Void Full Track Listing:

1. Where Stars Forever Die
2. Black Wormhole
3. The Flash

The EP can be picked up via Grey Matter Productions here and Xenoglossy Productions here. Find out more about Nameless Void over on Facebook.

Nameless Void - Nameless Void (Grey Matter Productions/Xenoglossy Productions)
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