EP Review: Named by the Sun – Deathcap (Superhot Records)

Named by the Sun announce their debut EP ‘Deathcap’ which will be released April 27th, 2018 via Superhot Records.

Deathcap will be available on all digital services from April 27th 2018 and the band are currently streaming the opening track ‘Dogfight’ and taking pre-orders via their Bandcamp for downloads and limited edition CDs.



Deathcap 2
Instrumental heavy blues and stoner rock with just the right kind of gnarly attitude sees this 3-Track EP from Named by the Sun make all the right moves. It’s a fusion of rocking riffs, gleaming guitar solos and bass that rumbles.

Dogfight slides up oozing sleazy confidence, it’s riffs and fuzzy groove enough to make knees go weak. This is an opener that turns heads & has people whispering its name in awe. Fantastic.

The tempo is increased for the equally as impressive Solar Gain. Impossibly memorable, it’s a hefty slice that truely wows by dropping into a softer beat with ringing guitar melody that takes on a country-style twang.

A stellar EP finishes up with The Mountain and the Moon, an epic trip into the pure stoner heaven that Named by the Sun produce. Thrilling in its boldness, there is an eye-opening amount of brilliance emitting from Deathcap.

Keep a close eye on these guys, with an output like this, things are looking very good.

Deathcap 1

Named by the Sun – Deathcap Full Track Listing:

1. Dogfight
2. Solar Gain
3. The Mountain and the Moon

You can order the EP now via Bandcamp and via Superhot Records here. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking Named by the Sun’s Facebook Page and following them on Instagram.

Named by the Sun - Deathcap (Superhot Records)
  • The Final Score - 10/10
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