Album Review: Møl – Jord (Holy Roar Records)

Shoegaze is one of the more ‘head-scratching’ of the sub-genres that have cropped up in last couple of years. Often attributed to bands that take the post-rock sound that little bit further. One such band that have found that tag attached to them is Møl. A four-piece band from Denmark. Møl are so much more though. Their new album Jord will be released on April 13th 2018 via Holy Roar Records.

Møl 2

Blending atmospheric black metal with post-rock, Møl delivers a masterclass in invention & brutality. The progressive melodies, riffs and hooks strong enough to reduce people to tears, screeching vocals vile enough to rend the fat from your body and drumming so intense you’ll be hearing ringing in your ears for days afterwards.

Storm is an epic opener but one without the epic length you often get with this style of music. It makes it much easier to digest but certainly doesn’t lack impact. The pace and feral style of the vocals ensure that.



Penumbra keeps things moving in a similar direction before Bruma brings a much more relaxing but sombre melody to proceedings. It has still got plenty of the fire found elsewhere on the album though.

Impressive isn’t quite the word to describe Vakuum though. It’s like black metal poetry, haunting & life-affirming in tone. There’s no escaping the emotive nature of the record but you’re not likely to want too anyway. When Møl go full on with the vibrant & wretched melodies such as on Lambda, all you can do is try to hold back your emotional outpouring.

When they’re not delivering gut-wrenching moments, Møl instead provide a masterclass in brutish black metal heaviness. Ligament and Virga ensuing that side of the band can’t be forgotten.

A life-altering record finishes with one last impressive flurry that is just the cherry on top of the best cake 2018 might have to offer!

Møl have crafted something special with Jord. Don’t be foolish enough to miss out.

Møl 1

Møl – Jord Full Track Listing:

1. Storm
2. Penumbra
3. Bruma
4. Vakuum
5. Lambda
6. Ligament
7. Virga

You can order the new album and earlier work via Bandcamp. Find out more/keep up to date with news via Facebook and Instagram.

Møl - Jord (Holy Roar Records)
  • The Final Score - 10/10
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