EP Review: MSRY – Safety First (Self Released)

Hailing from Oxford, the city usually reserved for academics and purveyors of knowledge, MSRY plays exactly as the name suggests: misery infused hardcore. Comprised of 3 people who have a reckless abandon for their own well-being on stage and a need to rage harder and faster than anyone else, MSRY are quickly earning a reputation for their incendiary live shows.

MSRY are set to release ‘Safety First’, the follow-up to last year’s debut self-titled EP on 6th July 2018.

The band comment on the title-track: “Safety First is about being told that no matter how much you love something or how much it means to you that it’ll all be for nothing in the end. It’s the foreboding sound of hearing people dismiss you for wanting to be more than you actually are and facing the face of failure with a smug grin, knowing you’ll come out better in the end despite what anyone thinks. This is Safety First.”


With a musical theme well and truly established, it’s now up to MSRY to show the modern hardcore scene just what they can bring to the table. Across five tracks, the answer is quite a bloody bit!

Bringing buckets of energy, tight riffs, teeth-smashing breakdowns and a whole lot of punk attitude, Safety First isn’t one to miss. S.I.C.K. makes this clear by being an absolute banger of an opening track.

The added vocal performance of Thomas Smith on Broken Teeth makes it a track that immediately feels different to the opener. It’s not lacking in bite, probably having more with an absolutely red-hot pace.

Then we have Freedom. A track that delivers a head-banging, circle-pitting yet darker experience before the title track sticks it’s fingers up at anyone that dare look its way and woe betide you should you try and defy it.

Trump Card ends things in momentous fashion, somehow proving to be an even more savage track but with a political edge.

A modern hardcore classic, Safety First takes all that is good with the sub-genre then makes sure you know who the hell MSRY are.


MSRY – Safety First Full Track Listing:

1. S.I.C.K.
2. Broken Teeth (Ft. Thomas Smith of Lifetight)
3. Freedom
4. Safety First
5. Trump Card

You can order the EP here. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page, following them on Twitter & Instagram and subscribing to their YouTube Channel.


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MSRY - Safety First (Self Released)
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