Album Review: Coldbound – The Gale (Self Released)

Finnish/Swedish melodic death metal band, Coldbound have released their new album entitled The Gale. The concept behind the album is focused on memories, nostalgia, personal struggles and last but not least its purpose is to raise awareness of those who suffer with depression.

The motto of the album that is repeated continuously on the song, Shades of Myself is “Living is an Act of Courage”.

Coldbound 2

The sound of rain and subtle atmospheric melody makes the start of Coldbound’s record sound more like the opening credits of a movie. That is until it erupts with feral sounding metal. No vocals, just a minute and a half of riff heavy noise.

They really get going on The Invocation though. Booming heaviness, hell-bound vocals but uplifting sounding melodies and hooks. Following that is no easy task but with a seven-minute savage epic called Edurance Through Infinity, Coldbound establish themselves firmly even if it does go on bit too long.

The melodic death moniker certainly fits this album but it’s not held back by it either thanks to the way in which it builds atmosphere. My Solace and Winters Unfold are examples of this with passages built around dark melody, bristling coldness and ugly heaviness.



Coldbound know how to deliver the heavy too as the title track rages at a high-tempo and Shades of Myself is a tornado of riffs.

Towards the Weeping Skies ends things in heart-racing fashion. 11 minutes long, it’s a big finale that once again suffers from being too long.

Soaring melody plays along with razor sharp riffs and unmistakable growls making this a more emotionally investable track though.

Coldbound surprise by being a melodic death metal band with way more in the tank then you’d expect. They dredge the lake to bring in elements of black, post-metal and much more.

Coldbound 1

Coldbound – The Gale Full Track Listing:

1. 61° 43′ N 17° 07 E
2. The Invocation
3. Endurance Through Infinity
4. The Eminent Light
5. The Gale
6. My Solace
7. Winters Unfold
8. Shades Of Myself
9. Towards The Weeping Skies

You can pick up the album now via Bandcamp and find out more about Coldbound on Facebook.


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Coldbound - The Gale (Self Released)
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