EP Review: Mosaic – Cloven Fires (Eisenwald)

Thuringian black/dark metal folklorists Mosaic will release a 7″ single, titled “Cloven Fires”, due September 27th 2019 via Eisenwald.

In advance of their upcoming debut full-length “Secret Ambrosian Fire”, set for release later this year, the band – directed by multi-instrumentalist Valkenstijn (Sun of the Sleepless, Empyrium) – opens a new circle with “Cloven Fires”. Known for its long and complex atmospheric battery, the band’s upcoming music offers an entirely different approach to what it calls “Supreme Thuringian Folklore.”

Cloven Fires

Two tracks, the first being the title track and dealing with the four alchemistic transformation stages in a rather deep and metaphorical fashion. That is expressed through eerie effects, ringing black metal noise and brutalities dished out by a bunch of noisy instruments. Although it’s savage, the way in which it’s recorded gives it the impression of distance. As if you’re hearing this in the distance. Across a gaping chasm of darkness, echoing around you so you have no idea what direction it’s coming from.

The second track, Ambrosia is an exclusive unreleased recording from the Inkantation vaults. Featuring former Secrets of the Moon drummer Heemann on percussion, and recorded between MMXIV and MMXV, the track is a disturbing call to reflect modern society’s imminent collapse.

The methodical drum beat, the way in which the vocals sound like a statement rather then singing, the creepy effects and howling guitar lines of Ambrosia are quite different when compared to the title track.

Two different tracks, two dark listens.


Mosaic – Cloven Fires Full Track Listing:

1. Cloven Fires
2. Ambrosia


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Mosaic - Cloven Fires (Eisenwald)
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