EP Review: Moon Reaper – Black Sun Sorcery (Self Released)

Prepare to be engulfed by the void as Moon Reaper unleashes their otherworldly soundscapes and relentless sonic onslaught through their new EP ‘Black Sun Sorcery’. This is not just a collection of songs; it’s a dark odyssey into the heart of cosmic terror. It will be released on June 7th, 2024.

If you’re not aware of who Moon Reaper are, there may be no finer record to help familiarise yourself with them. This new EP, a four-track behemoth, showcases an evolved and confident band with fierceness in their souls, but with gripping tendrils of melody and darkened atmosphere.

Bringing the blackened fire and fury to the forefront immediately with the opening track, Beyond Obscurity. Moon Reaper are sounding so powerful, chaotically charged, and with layers upon layers of dark harmony. The differing tempos creates an uncomfortable environment, but one that captivates.

The title track is next, and here, Moon Reaper show that there more than up to the task of creating crunchy head-banging inducing heaviness. A literal ringing endorsement of their guitar-based talents. Although that shouldn’t underplay just how feral the vocals are, or how meaty the drumming is. The cherry on top of this track being the swirling melodies and thick bleak atmosphere.

So far, so very f**king good. Moon Reaper are sounding immense, and that feeling isn’t changing with Astrohypnosis as their ferociousness is even more prevalent here. This track is this band at their heaviest sounding and it slays, but it’s also got the most haunting of melodies too. A perfectly balanced blackened beast.

Finally, it’s Necrochasm and the culmination of a journey that sees Moon Reaper steping out of the shadows, not to be bathed in light, but to darken the sky. A final emphatic statement that combines beauty and wickedness in an unforgettable way. Moon Reaper leave a charred path of destruction in their wake as this excellent EP wraps up.

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Moon Reaper – Black Sun Sorcery Track Listing:

1. Beyond Obscurity
2. Black Sun Sorcery
3. Astrohypnosis
4. Necrochasm


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Moon Reaper – Black Sun Sorcery (Self Released)
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