EP Review: Mighty Magic Animal – Happy​/​Dour (Self Released)

Alt/punk rock band, Mighty Music Animal are back and with a brand-new EP called ‘Happy/Dour’ which is out now. An EP with themes around alcoholism, bad mindsets, and toxic relationships.



A short slice of Mighty Music Animal, Happy/Dour has three tracks and comes in at under seven minutes. Something that certainly makes the EP more digestible for a modern audience who lack attention-spans.

Alongside that, is the fact that this EP features three of the band’s most infectious and radio-ready tracks to date. Where alt-energy, punk-infusions, and groovy rock rhythms are the name of the game and Mighty Music Animal play it well. Of the three tracks, it’s Time Bomb that shows the most expansion but that’s no dig at either Wrecked or Yeah! Both of those are body-shakers, it just so happens that the middle track is particularly imaginative.

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Mighty Music Animal – Happy/Dour Track Listing:

1. Wrecked
2. Time Bomb
3. Yeah!


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Mighty Magic Animal - Happy​/​Dour (Self Released)
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