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A Sonic Adventure: Exploring the Soundscapes of Jackson Colt’s ‘Shake Your Body’

Welcome to Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life’s exclusive interview with South African Rockers Jackson Colt. We delve into the vibrant world of their latest single, ‘Shake Your Body.’ Join us as we uncover the inspiration, creative process, and sonic journey behind this electrifying track.

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Jackson Colt, thank you for joining us today. ‘Shake Your Body’ marks a departure from your previous releases, infusing rock with dance elements. What sparked this bold experimentation?

Thank you for having us. I’ve have always dealt with my emotions through music. I would celebrate my joys and I would escape my pain through getting lost in songs. I wanted to share this with everyone by writing a song that people can get lost in and just dance away. This is where the dance influence comes from.

Can you share some insights into the songwriting and production process behind ‘Shake Your Body’? How did you blend rock and dance influences seamlessly?

I wrote the bass line first for the song. I was just messing around and I found this groove that I felt like people could dance to. I didn’t have much more than the bass line and the vocal melody when I went into the studio the next day and showed my producer Dale Schnettler the idea. He loved it and we started working on the electronic aspect to the song. This is the first song I’ve included synths and keyboards on. We basically made an electronic demo version of the song first. After that Matt tracked his drums parts and I threw down some guitars and bass.



Jackson Colt, your love for guitarists like Alexi Laiho is evident in your electrifying solos. How have iconic guitarists influenced your style, and what aspects of their playing do you strive to incorporate into your own music?

Alexi Laiho has been an incredible influence on my playing from when I was a kid. I am a self-taught guitarist so I would watch live videos and listen to songs and try to figure out what these incredible guitarists were doing. I kind of have my own way of doing the sweep picking, tapping, shreddy stuff because I developed my own way of doing it. I loved how Alexi would blend his incredibly technical speed with melody. That to me is something I have always kept in mind when I write solos.

Jackson Colt, your recent entry into Jared Dines’ “Biggest Shred Collab 6” showcased your virtuosity on the guitar to a global audience. How did you approach participating in such a massive collaboration, and what did you take away from the experience?

It was an incredible experience. Jared is a phenomenal guitarist himself and everyone who entered are world class guitarists. It was very intimidating at first because you’ve got all these amazing guitarists doing crazy things. It was beautiful because there was a community. Everyone was checking out each other’s solos and I got to discover so many new guitarists who i have become fans of because of this collaboration Jared created. I’m so glad I got to meet new people and get inspired by their playing. I love learning and I really learned a lot from everyone.

‘Shake Your Body’ seems to transport listeners to a different realm with its infectious beats and energetic melodies. What atmosphere or emotion were you aiming to evoke with this track?

There are two worlds within the song: the human world which is dark and the vampire world which is almost cartoon-like and neon. I wanted to create this ambiance of a fun and safe world within the vampire world. A place where you can forget your worries for the duration of the song.

The lyrics of ‘Shake Your Body’ hint at themes of liberation and escapism. What inspired the lyrical content, and how do you hope listeners will connect with it?

I want listeners to know that they are not alone. I want them to join us in the vampire world and come get lost in the music. Come dance with us, celebrate with the band, come cry your heart out and find solace in knowing that while you dance to the song, the band has got your back. Lyrically the song is very inspired by gothic imagery and the idea of a supernatural existence. It’s almost like fantasy, very movie-like.

As ambassadors of South African rock, how does ‘Shake Your Body’ represent your musical identity and roots?

Matt (the drummer) and I listened to a lot of Kwaito and other South African music to get inspiration for the drum parts of Shake Your Body. South African music has a lot of grooves. You can really move to it. We wanted to bring some of these elements to the rock sound with this song.

Switching gears, let’s talk about the visual aspect of ‘Shake Your Body.’ Can you provide any insights into the music video’s concept and aesthetic?

I had a vision when writing the song of a Hollywood film with the story line of the song. It’s how I wrote the lyrics with the story board of the film in mind. I wanted to recreate that vision with the video. There are two worlds. The human world and the vampire/spirit world. The two worlds contrast each other in terms of their aesthetics. The human world is very realistic and dark, whereas the vampire world is almost cartoon-like and filled with neon colours. This represents the darkness of being a human and the euphoria of being a vampire.

In terms of live performances, how do you envision translating the energy and vibe of ‘Shake Your Body’ to the stage?

Playing the song live is always fun. We want everyone to get up and dance with us. We want them to be vampires. Whatever it is a person is facing, getting lost in music for a few minutes can be therapeutic. That’s what we try to convey with this song live. For the next three minutes and twenty-three seconds, let go. It’s alright to let go and escape the human world and join us in the vampire world.

Reflecting on your journey as musicians, what lessons have you learned from the creation and reception of ‘Shake Your Body’?

As artists we can be afraid to try something different, but that safety can sometimes keep you locked in a box. Stepping outside of that comfort zone can open so many new possibilities for future creations. I liked being scared when we were experimenting with ideas for this song. It meant that I was trying something new that didn’t feel formulaic. In those moments, I was creatively free.

Looking ahead, can fans expect more genre-bending tracks like ‘Shake Your Body,’ or will you explore different sonic territories in future releases?

We have some surprises planned for future, as well as some collaborations in the works with epic artists like the Rock Singer-Songwriter Mark Haze. I want every song to be unique so there will be some exciting new aspects in future songs.

As we wrap up, how can fans support Jackson Colt, and stay updated on your latest news, releases, and tour dates?

You can follow our social media and our digital streaming platforms. You can also keep subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated with our music videos and clips of the band.

A big thank you to Jackson Colt for taking the time to share their insights into the making of ‘Shake Your Body’ with us. Be sure to follow Jackson Colt on their musical journey and keep an eye out for the electrifying beats of ‘Shake Your Body.’ Stay tuned for more exclusive interviews and updates from the world of music and beyond.

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