EP Review: Lovely Wife – Audible Beef (Cruel Nature Records)

In 2011, Lovely Wife was started as a way to get out of the house & get some gigs without actually practising. Many variations later, and this is what you get, a bastard son of Bosch & Dante made exclusively in a crackhouse.

Audible Beef is another slab of problem noise-rock from North Tyneside’s premier Sanatogen tonic wine tasters. The soundtrack to snorting coke off your partner’s arse on a Friday night whilst the Butthole Surfers peak through the key-hole, grinning.



The sound of pain and suffering, the two tracks that make up Audible Wife is filthy bastardised noise. Built on a foundation of fuzz, feedback and effects. It’s an uncomfortable assault of sounds that are nonsensical yet impossibly listenable too. The darkened vibes helped along by the insanity of the echoing vocals and the depths Lovely Wife sink too as they build things up just to destroy everything straight after.

Both tracks are very long and throughout the madness of Lovely Wife’s sound, deliver twists and turns. Most designed to leave most listeners scratching their head. It’s a record that won’t turn you on to noise rock if you’ve always hated it before but if you have an ear for it then Lovely Wife are certainly pushing the limits of what the mind can handle.

Lovely Wife 1

Lovely Wife – Audible Beef Full Track Listing:

1. Audible Beef
2. Just Desserts

The EP can be picked up now over on Bandcamp and more information found via Lovely Wife’s Facebook Page.

Lovely Wife - Audible Beef (Cruel Nature Records)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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