EP Review: Lord – Chaos Raining (Self Released)

Long running heavy metal band Lord are pleased to announce that their new EP “Chaos Raining” will be released on June 12th 2020.

Frontman LT explains:

One of the biggest surprises from our last album, Fallen Idols, was the fan reaction to the song ‘Chaos Raining.’ This definitely set the wheels turning on how we could offer a cool package to the people who enjoy it, which was a bit of a challenge in these current COVID-19 locked down times.

What we decided to do was release this as a limited edition 100 copy EP, hand numbered, with fantastic artwork by TRISTAN TAIT, which also includes a 9+ minute long 80s style Extended Mix of the title track, and a newly written and recorded song called ‘A World Insane’ which is a real prog/power banger! We’ve all been long fans of WAYNE JOYNER’s motion graphics work with clips he’s done for METAL CHURCH, DREAM THEATER and AYREON, amongst many others. As most people who follow LORD know, I’m usually our video guy but between the lockdown and the amount of work on my plate right now stopping me from getting into the edit suite, this became the perfect opportunity to work with Wayne, who created an incredible lyric clip for the song.

Covering both bases (a collectible for hardcore fans and a great introduction for newbies), Lord bring their heavy metal to the masses. It might be an uncertain time but what is certain is that Lord are going to kick all kinds of ass no matter what.

…and that is exactly what they do here with their 3-track EP. Kicking off with the phenomenal title track, something long term fans should be all to aware of seeing as it appeared on the latest album. Still as strong as ever, the riffs, bass and drums are thick, heavy and the vocals have a ton of growl to them while also delivering an epic clean chorus.

It’s a banger and bookends the EP as the final track is an extended version. Coming in at nearly 10 minutes long, one of the more notable differences is the synthy-sci-fi intro. It’s pretty damn cool sounding.

In between them is A World Insane, a track that absolutely nails what it means to get the blood pumping. An absolute beastly pace, the old-school sound of the vocals is complimented by thumping and head-banging speed.

Seriously, if you’ve not had the chance to check out Lord then here you go!

Lord – Chaos Raining Full Track Listing:

1. Chaos Raining
2. A World Insane
3. Chaos Raining (Extended Version)




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Lord - Chaos Raining (Self Released)
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