Album Review: Basalt – Silêncio Como Respiração (Ritual Productions)

Ritual Productions are pleased to announce the impending release of the new Basalt rite, Silêncio Como Respiração, which will see light of day on June 12th 2020. The band’s first full-length rite for the label exemplifies Basalt’s seething mistrust and subsequent undying defiant spirit in the face of repulsive political rhetoric and tumultuous times.

Darkness creeps over the land, the wind begins to howl and the chill skulks into the soul. The intro to Dasein as eerie and icy as anything from the Scandinavian home of black metal, yet this comes from São Paulo, Brazil. Discharging bitter and distorted heaviness after a short while.

With elements of black metal, death metal, doom, progressive metal and more, Silêncio Como Respiração is a cauldron of heaviness with more thought put into what ingredients go into it. The concoction bubbles and boils spitting out scalding jets in the form of Circumspice and Melancolia.

Whereas Anamorfose goes from a slow drawl of a creeping burn to a fast paced and penetrating assault of metal. Both styles are done well but the more appealing is the doomier crawling dismay that is showcased so well in Dias de Passado no Presente. The riffs here expand to such a degree that the cauldron begins to bubble over, spilling its contents over the flames that burn below.

The sound of Basalt snuffing out the fire, intensifying and growing in strength for two vast efforts. The title track plays around a bit with a more familiar Brazilian metal sound but gets so doomy by the end it’s enough to cause the eyes to water. Something that is also very present on Simulacro-Binária, one of, if not the heaviest tracks on the album.

Basalt – Silêncio Como Respiração Full Track Listing:

1. Dasein
2. Circumspice
3. Melancolia
4. Anamorfose
5. Dias de Passado no Presente
6. Silêncio como Respiração
7. Simulacro-Binária


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Basalt - Silêncio Como Respiração (Ritual Productions)
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