EP Review: Like Moths to Flames – Pure Like Porcelain (UNFD)

US metalcore giants Like Moths to Flames’ upcoming EP ‘Pure Like Porcelain’ will be released on Friday 5th November 2021 via UNFD.

It’s a new dawn for Like Moths to Flames and this comes through strongly on this new EP. Where the unit stretch themselves musically, thematically and dynamically. It’s not a complete reinvention of their metalcore sound but it does have the band showcasing a clear reinvigoration. They seem hungry again and across the 5 tracks, that comes through evidently and powerfully.

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Five anthemic efforts, five titanic heavyweight metalcore numbers; Like Moths to Flames are killing it here. From an opener that is complex sounding, crunchy, chunky and energetic (Ameliorate) to the heightened melodrama intensity of Views from Halfway Down. There’s no arguing with Like Moth to Flames’ start on this EP.

The word is exciting and that is enhanced and built upon with the smash-mouth savagery of The Preservation of Hate and the feral Gnashing Teeth. Both tracks featuring an array of squealing and screeching guitars, both clean singing and pained roars, and brain-pounding percussion.

It’s over too quickly alas, as Do Not Resuscitate wraps things up in hyperactive, melody-laden and anthemic fashion. A massive closer that puts the exclamation point on the development of Like Moths to Flames. Ensuring whatever comes next is going to be keenly anticipated. For now though, this is going to be an EP that is on repeat.

Like Moths to Flames – Pure Like Porcelain Full Track Listing:

1. Ameliorate
2. Views from Halfway Down
3. The Preservation of Hate
4. Gnashing Teeth
5. Do Not Resuscitate


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Like Moths to Flames - Pure Like Porcelain (UNFD)
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