EP Review: Mythologik by Mythologik (Self Released)

San Antonio’s Mythologik will release their self titled, debut EP, Mythologik, independently on the 20th of September.

Mythologik are a new heavy metal band, emerging from the scorching heat of Texas featuring multi-instrumentalist Bryan Eckerman (Solo Artist, Scars of the Flesh, Wings of Abaddon) and Joe Gregory (Valkyrie TX). Mixing the Melodic Death Metal tendencies of Eckermann with the 80’s thrash vocals of seasoned veteran Gregory, Mythologik are looking to break genre boundaries; bridging dark melodic atmosphere, thrashing riffs, and epic symphonic passages with aggressive/soaring vocals. Like a Nuclear Assault/Slayer/King Diamond mash-up, their debut EP goes straight for the jugular and does not let up!

Mythologik will release on the 20th of September on CD, vinyl and digital. The band is Bryan Eckerman on all instruments and Joe Gregory on vocals. It was recorded, engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by Bryan Eckermann at Bonespill Studios.

Mythologik by Mythologik band

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Mythologik comes with 4 tracks on it, starting with Across Again, a song that goes straight for the jugular with a guitar slide intro that flies into a chunky and heavy riff. Blasting drums lead the way as the vocals join in. They are clean but with plenty of menace. The track heads into groove territory before a sudden switch into a sombre, dark melody led by a piano. That was unexpected. Back into the metal as the guitars and vocals hit us with some nice thrashy passages. The vocals start showing off touches of higher pitch all while the drums bang out a headbanging beat and the guitars hit with cool and infectious riffs. A melodic solo works well and lead sinto the crunchiest section of the track which plays out to the close.

Eroded is up next and starts with keys playing out a horror based melody. The guitars join that melody and creates a truly wonderful sound before all melody gets thrown out of the window and we transform into a writhing beast of a track with intense drumming and riffing. The vocals stay clean but really deliver on the power and intensity. Man this song is awesome. It drops back into melodic sections, brings the keys back in, switches up drum speed constantly. There is a lot happening but it’s a lot of really fucking cool stuff. We get some more glass shattering higher pitch vocals here showing the range of Joe Gregory to be quite jaw dropping. Chuck in a banging solo and instrumental section and you have a song that is going to be getting a lot of plays from me.

Todesgeist comes next and keeps the quality up at the high bar set already. A slower, stomping rhythm kicks things off before it transforms into a raging thrasher of a track with quick delivered vocals, a simple riff and blasting drums. It’s a bit simpler of a track, in comparison to Eroded at least. The rage and intensity stays high with occasional tempo changes and screamed vocals. There is a slightly odd and chaotic solo that starts with multiple slides. It suits the anarchy of the track without being wonderful to listen to and I really do like and appreciate the variety on offer even in just a few tracks. There is never anything wrong with a short, blasting thrash song.

Heir Apparent closes out Mythologik and brings back the creativity starting off with a building piano melody, soon joined by a crescendo of guitars, drums and powerful vocals. The fire burns hotter as the riffs and drums take over and get bodies moving. The melody comes back, the guitars switch style, the tempo changes – basically, this track doesn’t sit still for very long. An absolutely cracking solo takes over – nice and lengthy with multiple phases. It transitions nicely then back into a dark and aggressive section wth the drums getting a real workout. As all the instruments combine at the end, with vocals that jump from standard punchy lines to sudden high pitched yells, the melody leading and the drums tapping out a wicked beat, Mythologik close out this EP with a real touch of epicness.

Bryan Eckermann is a name synonymous with quality and creativity in metal and his latest project here in Mythologik keeps to the standards we have come to expect. Across this relatively short taster menu of metal, there is a feast of variety on offer. Melodeath, thrash, power, groove and much more get outings across the 4 tracks. Joe Gregory on vocals is a real talent too and how he seamlessly switches from the clean vocals to the high toned scream is remarkable. Mythologik is also really well put together so some of the vocal layering really works a treat too. With plenty to headbang and mosh to, but also plenty of empassioned melody and feeling to go with the aggression, there is a lot on offer and a lot to love (especially Eroded, that track is so fucking cool).

Preorder your copy of Mythologik from the band on Bandcamp, here.

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Mythologik by Mythologik (Self Released)
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