EP Review: Last Bullet – 80-69-64 (Self Released)

In the vein of Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots & Buckcherry, Last Bullet are a hard rock band with a little bit of a filthy swagger about them.

“We expect this new EP to get an even better reception than anything we’ve done previously. Last Bullet has a sound that is filthy, powerful, dynamic, sexy and intense!” says vocalist Bryan Fontez. “We use our passion and charisma to put on a live show that creates a sense of urgency to get up and move. We give people  an unfiltered piece of our souls on stage though the use of our relentless energy, power, aggression and sexuality! Last Bullet is a band that truly goes out of their way to earn every dollar you spent on your ticket night after night without fail!”

80-69-64 is their new release following on from 2012’s Love.Lust.Illiusion. The EP is out on July 14th 2017.

Last Bullet 1

The hefty groove in Sin that welcomes you to this EP is unashamed in how much of a crowd pleaser it’s trying to be. A chorus designed to be sung along too, it oozes confidence & vocalist Bryan Fontez has a serious set of pipes on him. Just when it seems as though it’s not really going anywhere a shrieking guitar solo changes things up just enough to re-energise the track.

Gimme Time ups the sleazy swagger that is spread throughout this EP with a catchy, simple beat. It’s followed by the more melodic Bright Lights. A song that seems to have drawn inspiration from the likes of Alice in Chains.

The latter half of the EP is a bit of a mixed bag. Southern Lips’ has some good riffs but it’s not exactly an inspired tune, sounding tired before it’s even halfway over. Smoke & Ashes adds a bit of moodiness to proceedings before the EP ends with the seriously up-tempo groove of Little Miss Filthy. It’s a solid finish to 80-69-64, an EP that comes in at 19 minutes long, just enough to keep the interest up.

While hardly unique sounding, what Last Bullet can say is that they’re one of the best of the bunch.

Last Bullet 2

Last Bullet – 80-69-64 Full Track Listing:

1. Sin
2. Gimmie Time
3. Bright Lights
4. Southern Lips
5. Smoke & Ashes
6. Little Miss Filthy

You can order the EP & find out more about Last Bullet over on their official website. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. You can listen to some of their music over on YouTube, SoundCloud & through Apple Music below.

Last Bullet - 80-69-64 (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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